Terms of Use

  1. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. desires to promote open science on phages and for that reason it decides to provide freely available online services, database and software relating to data (FASTA files including phage sequences) contributed from life science to the largest possible community. Where we present phage sequences generated by others we impose no additional restriction on the use of the contributed data than those provided by the providing entity.
  2. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. expects attribution (e.g. in publications, services or products) for any of its online services, database or software in accordance with good scientific practice. The expected attribution will be indicated on the appropriate web page.
  3. Any feedback provided to Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. on its online services will be treated as non-confidential unless the individual or organization providing the feedback states otherwise.
  4. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A.  is not liable to you or third parties claiming through you, for any loss or damage.
  5. All data (FASTA files including phage sequences) will be made available by the entity who provides the FASTA files on terms choses by providing entity.
  6. Personal data held by Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. will only be released in exceptional circumstances when required by law or judicial or regulatory order. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. may make information about the total volume of usage of particular software or data available to the public and third party organizations who supply the software or databases without details of any individual’s use.
  7. While we will retain our commitment to Open Science, we reserve the right to update these Terms of Use at any time. When alterations are inevitable, we will attempt to give reasonable notice of any changes by placing a notice on our website, but you may wish to check each time you use the website. The date of the most recent revision will appear on this ‘Terms of Use’ page. If you do not agree to these changes, please do not continue to use our online services. We will also make available an archived copy of the previous Terms of Use for comparison.
  8. Any questions or comments concerning these Terms of Use can be addressed to: 
    The Administrator phage.ai 
    Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. 
    ul. Tylna 3A Łódź 
  9. Users of online services agree not to attempt to use any computers, files or networks apart from through the service interfaces provided.
  10. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. will make all reasonable effort to maintain continuity of these online services and provide adequate warning of any changes or discontinuities. However, Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any temporary or permanent discontinuity in service.
  11. Any attempt to use Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. online services to a level that prevents, or looks likely to prevent, Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A.  providing services to others, will result in the use being blocked. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. will attempt to contact the user to discuss their needs and how (and if) these can be met from other sources.
  12. If you post or send offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content anywhere on or to our websites or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on any of our services, we may use your personal information from our security logs to stop such behaviour. Where we reasonably believe that you are or may be in breach of any applicable laws we may use your personal information to inform relevant third parties about the content and your behaviour.
  13. Software that can be run from the Phage.AI webpages may be used by any individual for any purpose unless specific exceptions are stated on the web page. 
  14. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. does not accept responsibility for the consequences of any breach of the confidentiality of phage.ai site by third parties. 
Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use
  1. This Acceptable Use Policy and Conditions of Use fines the rules and conditions that govern your access to and use (including transmission, processing, computing, data resourcing, training  and storage of data – FASTA files including phage sequence) of the resources and services (“Services”) as granted by phage.ai for the purpose of finding and identifying the appropriate FASTA files including phage sequence for use.
  2. The online data services and database of phage.ai are generated in part from FASTA files contributed by the providing entity. When you contribute FASTA files to a database through our website or other submission tools this information will be released at a time.
  3. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. itself places no additional restrictions on the use or redistribution of the FASTA files available via its online services other than those provided by the original providing entity. 
  4. Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. does not guarantee the accuracy of any provided data, generated database, software or online service nor the suitability of database, software and online services for any purpose.
  5. Some original data may be subject to rights claimed by third parties, including but not limited to, patent, copyright, other intellectual property rights. It is the responsibility of users of phage.ai services to ensure that their exploitation of the data does not infringe any of the rights of such third parties.
  6. You shall only use the Services in a manner consistent with the purposes and limitations described above; you shall show consideration towards other users including by not causing harm to the Services; you have an obligation to collaborate in the resolution of issues arising from your use of the Services.
  7. You shall only use the Services for lawful purposes and not breach, attempt to breach, nor circumvent administrative or security controls.
  8. You shall respect intellectual property and confidentiality agreements.
  9. You shall protect your access credentials (e.g. passwords, private keys or multi-factor tokens); no intentional sharing is permitted.
  10. You shall keep your registered information correct and up to date.
  11. You shall promptly report known or suspected security breaches, credential compromise, or misuse to the security contact stated below; and report any compromised credentials to the relevant issuing authorities.
  12. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the privacy statements referenced below.
  13. Your use of the Services may be restricted or suspended, for administrative, operational, or security reasons, without prior notice and without compensation.
  14. If you violate these rules, you may be liable for the consequences, which may include your account being suspended and a report being made to your home organization or to law Enforcement.
More details of the personal data we collect from you when you browse the website and how we process this personal data are detailed in our privacy policy — https://phage.ai/privacy-policy-3/

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